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Five Signs Of Work Burnout Professionals In Chicago Should Watch Out For

Updated: Mar 31

A woman at work with her head down on her desk. The woman is stressed and burnt-out. Marble Wellness specializes in helping women who are experiencing work burn-out. Marble Wellness is located in Chicago, IL can can see clients in person or virtually.

Burnout is an incredibly common concern for a multitude of people in the workforce. Hours are getting longer, and it can feel like companies want to hire fewer people for more work.

Also, there can be the belief-conscious or subconscious-that your productivity is related to your worth....inherent value....what people love about you. But this kind of thinking leads to someone burning out -- and taking on a lot of mental and physical damage in the process.

How do I know if I am dealing with burnout?

Since we like to praise and normalize everything surrounding burnout it can be hard to identify when you’re in it. But because burnout can be so damaging, and also take a long time to recover from, it's definitely important to know the signs, so you can stop its progression as soon as possible.

This article lays out some signs of burnout that professionals living in the Chicago area should be aware of. If you’re experiencing these signs and feel that you’re struggling, reach out for help. It doesn’t always have to be like this. There are ways to work, and achieve at work!, while having boundaries and taking care of yourself.

Signs Of Burnout in Professionals

1. Loss Of Productivity

Burnout comes from working too hard or too long, right? So why would a loss of productivity be a sign? If you’re not being productive, that means you need to work harder, right?


Wrong! Stop, do not pass GO. Do NOT collect $200.

Think about burnout like driving a car running on empty. You may have been able to drive it a little longer than you should have, but when the tank is empty, it’s empty. You have nothing left to give. You try to keep giving because the world, in general, doesn’t accept burnout and exhaustion as reasons to stop, but you hit the bottom of your reserves and there’s nowhere to go from there. Trying to continue to "find the energy to be productive" is going to be both counterproductive at this point, and also make things worse. Trust us; we're experts in the area.

If you’re burnt out, you’re not going to have the energy to do what you need to at work. You’re not going to be able to get as much done around the house because it’s everything you can do just to get through your day. If you feel yourself becoming slower and less efficient at work, it’s a sign you need to engage in some self-care and take care of your mental health.

A working woman who appears to be taking on more than she can handle and is drained emotionally. She is creating stress and overwhelm in her life and needs to find the balance. Marble Wellness offers therapy to working women who are burnt out. Marble Wellness is located in Chicago, IL and offers in person or virtual therapy.

2. Isolation

There are millions of people in Chicago, and tons of great things to do. But if you’re burnt out, you’re not going to want to engage with any of it. You might have a favorite weekend activity, or you might really value spending time with friends. When you’re burnt out, all that changes.

Think about that gas tank again. Even though those activities and those people might be things you enjoy and/or love, it still requires energy to participate--internal fuel to do....and you're driving on nothing. And at a certain point, even if those people would help you fill up, you get so tired that you don’t even want to do that anymore.

So, if you feel yourself interacting with your social calendar and social network in a different way than usual, take note....

A young working professional who is feeling isolated at home with little energy to do much. She is looking off in the distance as if she feels a little lost in where she is in her life. Marble Wellness is a therapy practice offering help to women who can't find the balance in work/life. Marble Wellness is located in Chicago, IL.

3. Sleep Issues

Our nighttime routines are sort of the canaries in the coal mine; they tell us when something’s off. If you’re working yourself down to the bone, and then can’t sleep when you come home, it’s one of the big signs something’s not right.

You might have trouble sleeping because you have too much on your mind about work. Or it might be hard because you’re too burnt out to deal with things outside of work, so the house/family is falling apart. Whatever the specifics are, your brain is working too hard, and your mental health will suffer if you don’t care for yourself.

Sleep is hugely important. It regulates our emotions, helps our internal body systems function properly, and energizes us to deal with our day. And a lack of sleep is associated with poor health and unbalanced moods. That will happen even if you’re not burnt out, so you can imagine how much worse it gets when you’re burnt out and not sleeping.

A women not able to sleep. She is in bed at night with her eyes wide open looking frustrated. Marble Wellness is a therapy practice in Chicago, IL and they can help working women get back to feeling peace in their lives.

4. Body Aches

We’ve written before about how anxiety comes with physical symptoms that don’t seem connected. Burnout does the same thing. Working 12-hour days and taking on unreasonable projects might not directly damage your body, but stress and anxiety have very real physical effects.

If you’re burnt out, you might experience joint pain, muscle stiffness, digestion issues, and any number of other issues that we associate with anxiety and stress. You can ease your discomfort, but the only way to deal with these issues is to take better care of your mind, and rest. If you’re dealing with body pain and no one can find the cause, it’s a good idea to look at your commitments and working environment to see if the problem’s lurking in there.

A woman nurse leans against the wall outside of a Chicago hospital with her mask down holding coffee. Stress and burnout in healthcare workers in Chicago, IL is hard. An online therapist in Illinois can help with work burnout here.

5. Depression

This is the symptom a lot more people know about, even if they don’t recognize it when it’s happening. If you’re burnt out, you’re going to have a hard time. Your mood will be low, and you’ll find that you’re constantly tired. The