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Postpartum Moms

You’re in the postpartum phase of this motherhood journey…and nothing is as you were led to expect.

There are days you feel overwhelmed. Some days you feel anxious. Days certainly where everything feels like it is out of your control.​ The guilt mounts, as does the fear. And you can’t shake it.​

                                                                               You feel like you can’t delight in this                                                                                                beautiful, amazing new bundle. In fact,                                                                                         feelings of motherly joy are nowhere to                                                                                      be found. And attachment and bonding?


                                                                                 A thing you only dream about                                                                                                            experiencing  with your baby.

                                                                                There are days you feel like you’re on the                                                                                    edge; defensive and headed for conflict.

There are other days you cannot stop crying. The sadness is so deep it aches.

Sometimes, it’s the intrusive thoughts that get in the way. The ones that make you feel like you have to be hyper-alert so no harm comes to your baby. On the worst days, you wonder nervously if it might be you that could hurt your baby.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

It was supposed to be a little bumpy but nothing like this.

It was supposed to be more than “just existing.”

It was supposed to be fulfilling, like your life felt whole.

Instead, it is tedious and overwhelming.

Instead, it is a constant mess of feelings of depression or anxiety or both.

Instead, it is like you are a stranger to yourself. “Where did I go?”

You don’t know if this is the normal worry that moms

talk about or if this is a new battle with anxiety.

You don’t know if it’s the “baby blues” that people talk

about or if it’s postpartum depression.

And you don’t know how to talk about it.

Other people look like they’re doing it so normally.

So effortlessly. If you share with them the things going

on in your head, they wouldn’t understand.

Or even worse, they’ll think you’re crazy.

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You want to find practical, concrete, real-world strategies that you can use not only to adjust to this role, but to use throughout your life as a parent.

You want to feel heard, understood, and supported without being made to feel less-than or inadequate.

You want to have moments of bliss and magic with your baby. You want to feel confident, able, and excited for the rest of the motherhood journey.

You want to know you can handle the stressors and still be the best mom for your family.

Through therapy, we will find the tools that work best for you so you can manage the negative emotions that come with parenthood—with life!—without crumbling or having to fight so hard to get through them. We will help you understand your emotions and thoughts and learn how to interact with them in a non-threatening way.

Most importantly, we will help you grow into your role as mother in a way that you feel balanced and like you are the best version of yourself.

To get started on your journey toward healthier and happier motherhood, contact us today for your free 15 minute consultation.

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