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Maternal Overwhelm

You feel like life can be better than this.​

You’re overwhelmed with your duties as a mom, partner, friend. Maybe even as a professional, daughter, and sister. It all just feels like “too much” and you have nothing left to give. But you don’t know what to do to make it get better.

There are days you feel alone or like no one listens to you. You feel like you have no one to hear you out.

You’re crushed by the activity of running a household; you don’t have time to “be”, only time to “do.”

                                         There are times you feel like you just aren’t                                               enough for the people you love most and like                                           you don’t have enough to give them. You feel                                           like they deserve a better mom.

                                                  People tell you to take a day for the things you like, but                                                      you’re not even sure you know what that is. In fact,                                                 you’re not even sure who you are anymore. You                                                        realized you’ve lost your identity over these years of                                                          momming.

You’ve started to cry more often. You retreat to your closet so no one can see. It’s even gotten to the point you’re crying right after breakfast, before the day is even fully underway. Your best friend, wine, is no solace. It used to bring a sense of relaxation and now it just doesn’t do anything helpful at all.

You’ve started to search the internet for ways to alleviate the feelings that continue to build. Sometimes you find a helpful tip, but nothing that lasts. Most often, the advice is always the same. “Go out with your friends!” “Take a bath!” “Hire a babysitter and have a night out with your hubby!” You’ve done it all and still, the overwhelm shows up every day.

You long to be able to find ways to feel calm, even during the chaos. You want to find patience amidst the overwhelm.

You dream of feeling capable of managing all your roles

and duties. You want to discover your self-identity again.

You crave to be more present and to show up in each

role more fully, while also allowing yourself days that

you aren’t perfect.

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In therapy, I partner with you to explore all of these stressors and hassles while also validating one of the most important

pieces of it all: the demands you face as a mom are extreme!  In our work together, you will have the space to pour out your

overwhelm and sadness about this mom gig. As you gain energy from releasing the stress you’ve been holding in, we will use our time to explore all the stressors, hassles, and confusing or negative emotions you’re dealing with.


As we talk about the various components and demands of your life, I help you build new habits to get you through your day. Together, we will craft new thought patterns to cope with emotions; new ways to increase your support—both from yourself and your village; and a new understanding of yourself, so you can captain the ship of your life and your family with increased confidence.

If you’re ready to find long-lasting changes and re-discover yourself, click here for your free 15-minute consultation.

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