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Stephanie Korpal, M.Ed., LPC

Counseling to Nurture Your Emotional Health

Specializing in Anxiety, Depression, and Maternal Overwhelm

11042 Manchester Rd, Kirkwood, MO 63122

Email: stephanie@marblewellness.com | Phone: 636-236-2420

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Nurture Your Emotional Health

Counseling for Anxiety & Stress

You don’t know when the scales tipped but you suddenly find that each day is full of constantly recurring thoughts of worry and fear. There have been times in your life you’ve been more stressed than others. Times you’ve had trouble falling asleep because your mind is racing. Instances of a racing heart beat and some sweaty palms.

But this? This is different. It’s all the time. Some days it’s less intense than others, but the nagging feeling of being on edge is always present. You’ve tried for years to pass it off as just being a high-achiever, or someone a little more tightly wound than others.

But things have gotten worse lately, and you realize there is more going on than that.

You really can’t turn off your thoughts to get the sleep you need, so you wake up the next day in an energy deficit, already with depleted internal resources when it comes to getting through another day.

You feel like you’ve gotten behind, at work or in life, and you feel a sense of dread when you think about what it will take to get caught up.

You’ve even become more irritable than usual and what’s worse: it’s coming out in your interpersonal interactions and relationships.  

You’ve reached a breaking point. You know you can’t handle this on your own anymore, though you’ve certainly tried. You live a full life, have many different roles, and do them all well, and yet….you’re barely making it through your day without feeling like a failure. Or like you’re going to implode. Or worse, like it is all going to fall apart.

You’ve tried managing it on your own: working out, staying social, trying a new hobby, eating clean. But none of it is putting a dent in what it is: anxiety or stress that is now affecting your quality of life.

You’ve been a little suspect in the past of going to therapy because you believe your orientation to life has helped you with certain aspects of success you’ve experienced. And you’re probably right. But let me tell you this:  you can retain those patterns of success while shedding the nagging worry, persistent fear, and other symptoms that have led to the number of bad days (fine, months!) you’ve been having.

Therapy might sound to you like it could feel embarrassing or overwhelming. But it can lead to internal emotional and cognitive freedom. You can learn ways to manage fear and worry about the future or even decrease that fear and worry itself. Therapy can help you gain a greater sense of self so you increase self-reliance and decrease the behaviors that are fatiguing you but you’re too scared to release. Therapy can help you regain energy, build internal calm, and realize a sense of hope and excitement for the future.

To toss your anxiety and stress out of the driver’s seat, contact me today and we will get started.

11042 Manchester Rd.

Kirkwood, MO 63122



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