How long are counseling sessions?

Sessions last for 45-50 minutes. We will discuss frequency of sessions and what works best for your needs. Frequency can change as life ebbs and flows--maybe we'll meet weekly in the beginning and then once every two or three weeks. Whatever works best for you and the challenges bringing you in!

I'm a mom, which means scheduling sessions can be hard. How can you help?

In the same building as my office is a drop-in childcare option! You can access childcare anytime we have a session by simply signing up in advance. If your baby is under 12 months old, he or she is welcome to be in the session. I also offer sessions virtually, through HIPPA-compliant software. It has been a great tool for a variety of moms! In some instances, I can offer in-home therapy if that would help you get the services you need to be the best version of you.

What will we talk about?

Each person comes in for different reasons. During the first one or two sessions, we'll explore a lot about your life, so I can get a good idea of various things going on for you-which will include learning about your strengths! After that, we will start to dive in more deeply. Some sessions you may do a lot of talking and in others, I may do more. I believe in the safety of the counseling relationship, and also in the accountability I can offer you as you start to add new skills to your life.

How long will I need to go to counseling?

Each person has different needs so this answer varies for every individual. Length of the counseling relationship is something we will absolutely talk about during the first few sessions, as I assess what challenges you're experiencing. Some people may feel like they've achieved their goals after 6-8 sessions. For some people, counseling may last a few months longer than that. Sometimes, people will take a few months away from the therapeutic relationship and then come back. There are no right or wrong answers!

How much do sessions cost? 

Each session is $150 and is due at the start of the session. I do offer a limited number of spaces for discounted sessions for those whose financial needs are preventing them from accessing services. If you think this may be you, please contact me and we can discuss payment options!

Why don't you take insurance?

Great question! In order to go through insurance, I must diagnose you with a mental health disorder. I don't believe that everyone who wants or who can benefit from counseling reaches the level of needing a diagnosis. Also, having a diagnosis can be an issue later with new insurance applications or some jobs. Finally, insurance companies may dictate frequency of counseling or counselor. I believe YOU should be in control of those decisions. 

What is your professional background?

My undergraduate degree is from the University of Dayton. I earned my Master's Degree in Counseling at University of Missouri-St. Louis in 2011. During a year-long internship and then for 6.5 years after, I worked in the nonprofit sector, partnering with youth and families experiencing homelessness and other crises. I have experience in individual, family, and group counseling. During that time, I realized how much individuals and families could benefit, especially in their emotional health, from a holistic and wrap-around wellness approach. I moved to the private practice sector to have a greater ability to include those additional wellness services in the counseling services I provide.

Have more questions?

Good! I love questions. Give me a call or fill out the contact form and before you become a new client, we'll have a 10-15 phone call so you can ask those others questions, make sure I am a good fit for you, and I can make sure I am a good fit for you and your needs. I look forward to hearing from you!

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