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Counseling for Chronic Illness

It feels like so much has been taken away. Your energy has been zapped. Your hopes have been zapped. Any chance at contentment has been robbed. A positive outlook on life utterly shattered.

You can’t find your passions or dreams anymore. Finances and even some friendships are on rocky ground.


The way you used to engage in your community and the world isn’t even a possibility anymore.

Sometimes it seems like everything you’ve ever loved and held dear has been taken away.

Young woman at the beach, feeling better and smiling after counseling for chronic illness in St. Louis, MO or via online therapy in Missouri and online therapy in Illniois. You can get options for a "chronic illness counselor near me" for therapy for chronic pain, anxiety, and more.

Chronic pain, illness, and disability have taken away so much.

You’re feeling bitter. Angry. Resentful. That is, that’s what you feel on the days you have emotions. Other days are devoid of anything except the symptoms of your pain and illness.

New emotions have shown up since your chronic illness diagnosis:

  • Insecurity about your diagnosis and how it impacts those around you. Insecurity about how to explain it and talk about it to those you’ll meet in the future.

  • Guilt about the days you wake up feeling “normal” and then the next day, being wiped out and having a difficult time explaining it to your boss.

  • Trapped that you can’t access the life you wanted to have.

  • Demotivated and unambitious, perhaps for the first time in your life.

  • Lonely, that those closest to you, try as they might, just cannot relate to this new life of yours.

Whether it’s a new diagnosis or one that has been your companion for some time now, counseling can help.

Through therapy for chronic pain and chronic illness, you can help see the world in color again.

Happy Friends smiling at the camera after counseling for chronic illness in St. Louis, MO or via online therapy in Missouri and online therapy in Illniois. You can get options for a "chronic illness counselor near me" for therapy for chronic pain, anxiety, and more.

We’ll help you mourn your loss; after all, that’s a huge piece of being diagnosed with a chronic illness and the mental and emotional impact that follows—and learn to handle the waves of grief (as you’ve already felt, that emotional journey ebbs and flows).

We’ll talk about the other emotions, too. The anger and frustration and fear. But we won’t just stay there.

Counseling for Chronic Illness Can Help You Feel More Like "You" Again

During our therapy work together, we will also help you find practical tools to navigate this new world you’re in. We will help you cope in ways that feel like you have back control and influence over your life.

We will work together to help you live life one day at a time-not because you’re in pain, but because you’re in contentment. You’re able to rest in the present, confident that you can achieve dreams for the future.

We will work together to help you find hope.

Imagine what it would feel like to get out of the negative emotional and mental space that has held you captive.

You could experience moments of peace and acceptance.

You could relax and even feel joy.

You could start to create an exciting vision of the future and confidence in your ability to get there.

We can help you get there.

Learn more about Counseling for Chronic Illness so you can tackle the emotional impact and start living a calmer, happier, more fulfilling life today!

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Friends at lunch, smiling and laughing and feeling better after seeing a chronic illness counselor near me for counseling for chronic illness in St. Louis, MO and therapy for chronic pain with online therapy in Chicago, IL.

Begin Therapy for Chronic Pain & Counseling for Chronic Illness in St. Louis, MO

You do not have to live in isolation or fear. Let's get you more support with chronic pain from our Ballwin, MO counseling clinic, we can help you feel more in touch with yourself. We can also chat via telehealth for online therapy in Missouri and online therapy in Illinois.  Truly, anywhere in the state! If you're a Chicago resident, we have in-person therapy available in Chicago, too! Taking this first step is a big deal, so you are already making great progress!  Just follow these simple steps and we will get started.


Reach out to Marble Wellness

Our Client & Project Coordinator will be your first point of contact. She'll get you set up with a good match for your on our team, and talk first appointment details.


Meet with one of our Therapists for Chronic Illness

We have members of our team who are here specifically for your chronic pain and chronic illness needs. They will work with you to target those hurdles and start to overcome them!


Start to live life with hope and peace

Whether it's in-person, online, or park therapy, you and your therapist will use their skills and your strengths to help you feel like you can experience life in a happy way again.

Countryside Road

Start to live a more confident, centered and connected life, today

Other Mental Health Services at Marble Wellness

At Marble Wellness, our goal is simple: Counseling services designed to help set you on a path of living a more fulfilled, calm, and happy life. We specialize in anxiety, depression, grief, chronic illness, therapy for men, couples,  and maternal overwhelm. We can also help new moms with various postpartum concerns,  moms in the thick of parenting, and moms with teens. We can also chat from wherever you are in the state with online therapy in Missouri  and online therapy in Illinois.  No matter where you are in your journey, we would love to support you.

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