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Counseling to live calmer, happier, and more fulfilled

Offices in St. Louis and Chicago

Up to this point in your life, you’ve been able to problem-solve any issue that has come up. There are times that has been easier to do than others, but you’ve still been able to rely on yourself to “fix” whatever it is.


But now, you can’t figure out how to feel better. You’ve tried

your usual tricks and tips. They’ve barely moved the needle.


Maybe you know what changed in your life that you’re

feeling this way and maybe you don’t. What you do know is

this: you’re done feeling this way. You accept it no longer.


You’re seeking a therapist who listens but also helps. Someone

who won’t just sit back and let you talk and talk without seeming

to offer any input. Someone who also doesn’t just share about

themselves and leave you feeling like “this is that counseling process everyone raves about?”

Someone who will pull up a seat and actually offer a way forward.









You’re looking for real steps that make an action-plan. You want tools to help with the

“now” but you also want to build a skill set you can rely on in the future. At the same time, you’re also seeking some deeper conversation: clarity of values; stronger sense of self; understanding of how events of the past have brought you to where you are today.


Most of all, you want therapy because you want to start feeling better. To come home to yourself. To live a life of fulfillment, internal calm, and happiness.

You can see a life on the other side of that process. A life where you wake up feeling capable and ready for the day. A life where you feel confident in your ability to manage stressors and hardships. A life where your relationships with others are healthy and satisfying. A life where your relationship with yourself is full of acceptance, understanding, and esteem. You’re ready for this life because you know it will feel good.


We believe you deserve that. And you can achieve that. Let’s get started together. 

We specialize in:

We specialize in:

We specialize in:

We specialize in:

We specialize in:

We specialize in:

We specialize in:

We specialize in:

We specialize in:

We specialize in:

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In-person counseling services available:

301 Sovereign Ct, Suite 115, Ballwin, MO 63011

661 W Lake Street, Chicago, IL 60661

Online services available for all residents of Missouri and Illinois


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