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Stephanie Korpal, M.Ed., LPC

A Counseling Practice for Moms in Any Stage of Their Motherhood

11042 Manchester Rd, Kirkwood, MO 63122

Email: stephanie@marblewellness.com | Phone: 636-236-2420

Contact me for a free 15-minute consultation phone call

A Counseling Practice For Moms In Any Stage of Their Motherhood


Let's say it out loud together: being a mom is hard. That's not to say there aren't moments of it you love; aspects of it that aren't rewarding; or that you don't love those children of yours. 

But it IS to say that it’s a job that often leaves you feeling:




-unsure of yourself

If you’re feeling like:

-your fuse is getting too short too often

-you’re upset with yourself for snapping

at your kids sometimes

-you’re overwhelmed with the mom gig and

simultaneously nervous about doing it

for the rest of your life

-you don’t know who you are anymore

-your emotions are out of control and you don’t want to keep feeling like this


You’re not alone.

And I can help.

Whether you're battling:

*post-partum depression or anxiety

*loss of sense of self

*parenting struggles

*feelings of isolation


*constant feelings of overwhelm

I am here for you and can help you come out on the other side.

We can work together to help you:

*regain your footing in this mom gig.

*enjoy momming more often than not.

*feel confident in yourself and your parenting skills.

*gain control and influence over your emotions, instead of the other way around.

Moms, you are multi-dimensional.

You are strong, and brave, and talented.

And it's okay if you have momentarily forgotten that.

I am here to help you remember. 

If you're interested in hearing more, or know you want to get started, you can call me at 636-236-2420 or email stephanie@marblewellness.com. You can also click over to my contact page and send a message through there! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Individual Counseling

One-on-one sessions with a licensed professional counselor to help you overcome current challenges, point out strengths you have, and develop new skills to help you manage-and thrive in- day-to-day living.


Group Counseling

We all know it takes a village to raise a child. But it also takes a village to be a healthy adult. Join a counseling group to find that village and feel the power of it!


Wellness Events

Wellness is a lifestyle, not an event. But sometimes we need events to rev our wellness engines! Join an event whenever you can to put a little gas in your tank.


Available Services