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Therapy for Work Burnout in Chicago, IL

You’re utterly empty. In fact, you're past the point of return, it seems. Little ability to complete a thought, less ability to experience a positive emotion, and certainly barely making it across the finish line for simple work tasks.

It’s more than just being tired. You're being tapped. Having quite literally nothing left at the bottom of the barrel. It’s like your brain is a car engine that just will not turn over. No amount of a “good night’s sleep” or great sweat session or a self-care moment like a massage is moving the needle. 

That’s because you’re more than just tired. You’re more than just overworked.

You’re burned out.

It’s now creeping into your home life, too. Laundry and basic errands that used to be handled with minimal effort are feeling painful…if they are getting done at all. You try to rest, but feel so wound up. So much so, that even “rest” feels like a chore because you just can’t settle in.

You try socializing or leaning into your support systems, but that keyed-up feeling lurks within, and it is getting more difficult to maintain any semblance of being “put together” or “okay” in front of friends and family. It may be time to get support with occupational stress, work burnout, and corporate burnout from a skilled therapist.

​Symptoms of Work Burnout:

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Therapy for Work Burnout and Corporate Burnout Can Help!

If you've noticed those and other signs of work burnout, you know it can no longer be ignored. It’s been annoying for a while. Now it’s really taking a toll in a way that you have to pay attention to it. You’re a higher achiever than this. You like working. In fact, you enjoy performing at a high level. You’re good at what you do. Plus you’re used to being able to manage it all (mostly) seamlessly, and you are so ready to be back at that level again.

How to Recover from Work Burnout and Occupational Stress?

Burnout recovery is more than a spa weekend, three-day vacation, or taking off a few days. Recovering from work burnout, healthcare burnout, or corporate burnout is a process that takes time. It is a healing journey that deserves patience, targeted intervention, and honest reflection.

What Can You Expect in Therapy for Work Burnout in Chicago, IL?

In therapy together, we will explore a variety of factors that contributed to your burnout in the first place. We will analyze your burnout symptoms and how they are showing up in your life, so we can create a plan unique…and effective….for you.

This plan may include elements like:

  • Values exploration

  • Analysis of goals

  • Rebuilding a daily and weekly routine that aligns with your goals and values

  • Challenging narratives around your approach to work, without taking away the parts of you that have made you successful

  • Clarifying your self-concept

  • Strengthening relationships outside of work

  • Building tools for specific symptoms to better manage them in the future

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Here is What You Can Expect After beginning Therapy for Work Burnout, Occupational Stress, and Corporate Burnout in Chicago, IL 

The work together will start with the here-and-now so we can immediately start to decrease the negative impact of your symptoms. Then we will broaden out to a long-range view on how to shift elements of your life. We do this so you can build a day-to-day way of living that allows not only success and achievement but also peace, contentment, and truly thriving. Because that’s what you deserve.

Once you’ve seen burnout symptom improvement. We will have also done some really good workaround, other contributors, to your work burnout, you can expect to experience:

  • An increase in confidence

  • Higher functioning in your relationships

  • Less stress and anxiety

  • More positive emotions, like happiness, joy, and excitement

  • Better focus and follow-through at work

  • Creative energy

  • Ease in problem-solving and management in schedule

  • Greater variety in extracurricular activities that you enjoy

Work burnout is real, and its impact on your life is no joke. But you don’t have to stay in this place, and you don’t have to figure out how to get out of it alone.

Call us today to schedule your session and begin your journey of healing.

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Learn more about how Therapy for Burnout can help you get back on track-personally, professionally, and in all aspects of your life.


Our blog posts can help show you how to get started with your journey for burnout recovery and also give you a sense about how partnering with a therapist can help you feel even more capable in managing and overcoming your burnout.

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Begin Therapy for Work Burnout in Chicago, IL

It's a big step to reach out for help for burnout, and we're glad to be here to help. With our in-person counseling services in Chicago, IL, we're ready to partner with you to kick burnout to the curb. Whether you're dealing with work burnout, corporate burnout. Or you're a stressed and burned-out healthcare worker, I can help! We also can offer online therapy to anyone in the state of Illinois (or Missouri!). Follow the steps below to start your path to burnout recovery.


Reach out to Marble Wellness

Our Client & Project Coordinator will be your first point of contact. She'll get you set up with a good match for you on our team, and talk first appointment details.


Meet with one of our Chicago Therapists

Our in-person therapists and online team members are waiting to meet you where you are as a burned-out professional. With targeted interventions, we will set you up for success in regaining health, energy, and passion...for life and work.


Start to live happy and calm again

Whether sessions are online or in-person, you and your therapist will use their skills and your strengths to help you start to live the life you've been longing for.

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Start to live a more confident, centered and connected life, today

Other Mental Health Services at Marble Wellness

At Marble Wellness, our goal is simple: Counseling services are designed to help set you on a path of living a more fulfilled, calm, and happy life. We specialize in, in-person therapy in Chicago, Ilanxiety, depression, grief, chronic illness, therapy for men, couples, and maternal overwhelm. We can also help new moms with various postpartum concerns, therapy for breakups, working momsmoms in the thick of parenting, and moms with teens. We can also chat from wherever you are in the state with online therapy in Missouri and online therapy in Illinois.  No matter where you are in your journey, we would love to support you.

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