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Four Unique Ways Therapy Can Benefit Working Moms In Chicago

Updated: Mar 31

A mother smiling while holding her baby and working from home. Therapy can help moms who are juggling it all. Marble Wellness is located in Chicago and offers counseling services for working mothers.

In a world where the phrase "work-life balance" is used so often that it's almost become a cliche, it's easy to forget that what we're really talking about is an impossible equation.

There's no way you can get everything done. If you're a working mom, chances are you constantly feel overwhelmed and stressed out because of this impossible expectation. Your kids are growing up fast, your boss expects you to be at work all the time, and your family needs you to keep everything going. And then there's this little voice inside your head that says You're not doing enough. You should be able to do more. For many working moms, this voice is constant—and it feels impossible to silence. But therapy can help.

Here are some of the ways therapy can help working moms in Chicago:

A woman's lips are pictured and she is finding her voice after much hardships with being a working mother. Marble Wellness is located in Chicago and offers services to working moms.

1. Therapy Helps Working Moms Find A Voice

Many women struggle with feeling like they don't have a voice or aren't allowed to use it. They are so focused on keeping everything running smoothly and trying to keep everyone else happy that they forget how to advocate for their own needs. But therapy can help you find your voice and speak up for yourself.

Your therapist will help you rediscover the things that are important to you, and the parts of yourself you’ve been neglecting for the sake of others. And they will teach you how to speak up for those parts so you can get your needs met.

2. Therapy Gives Moms Someone Who Will Listen Without Judgement

A woman in a therapy session to find calm in her hectic life of being a working mother. Marble Wellness offers counseling in Chicago for Working Moms.

There’s so much expectation for moms to be perfect and to have everything together. Many moms are afraid to admit that the kids ate crackers and cheese for dinner twice in the last week or that they took a nap in their car during lunch. They don’t want to say that they’re dreading the sports season starting up because they don’t actually like going to games, because people just assume that whatever your family’s doing, you love. And most times that’s probably true, but sometimes it’s not.

Your therapist will listen to these confessions and help you process them. They will help you work through your guilt, and help you learn that you are enough. No one needs to be super mom, and your therapist will help you find whatever version of that works best for you. And they will do all of it without making any jabs about the size of the laundry pile.

3. Therapy Lets Working Moms Process Things They Might Not Be Able To Share With Others

A mom looking content looking out the window with her cup of tea. She is processing things that she would not normally share with people. Marble Wellness is a counseling practice in Chicago and offers counseling to working moms.

It’s hard being a mom while dealing with mental health issues. You want to be there for your family, and you want to be good at your job. But some days you struggle just to get out of bed, and some days you cry in the car on your way home. This is even more difficult because so many moms don’t have someone they can talk to about deep things. They don’t want to burden their kids with their mental health concerns, and they don’t want to give the impression they can’t handle their life. But it’s important to talk, even if the subjects are hard.

A therapist’s job is to listen to anything you have to say, without judgment. You can admit the things you’re too scared to say elsewhere, because they make you feel like a bad mom or a bad person. If you sometimes think about running off, you can tell your therapist about it and get help processing those feelings. Any other thoughts you’re too scared to share elsewhere, you can share with your therapist, and you won’t be judged or condemned. AS a mom you’re in charge of caring for a lot of people, and you owe yourself a safe space where someone else will take care of you, both the good parts and the hard parts.

4. Therapy Helps Moms Build Up Their Kids

A mom sitting on a couch with her son talking happily. She has learned new tools in therapy for herself that are benefiting her kids as well. Marble Wellness is a counseling practice offering services for working moms.

You should go to therapy because you need a safe space to take care of yourself. But busy moms are usually a fan of accomplishing two things at once, and therapy can do that. A major benefit to therapy is that you will bring your coping skills home to your family. It might not be an immediate change, because everyone works different, but you can introduce some great mental health practices at home.

Your kids might not do the breathing exercises your therapist has you do, and they may not reframe their thoughts. But they will see you reacting more calmly in stressful situations. They will notice if you start carefully explaining your feelings and gently setting boundaries. These kinds of behaviors can rub off on the rest of the family and have a positive influence on the people you love.

Being a working mom is chaotic. You have so many jobs in and outside of the home. But therapy is worth making time for. It can help you find balance, care for yourself, and make peace with the fact that your life is never going to be perfect—and it doesn’t have to be. It will also help you figure out what needs to be done for you and your family to feel happy and fulfilled.

A mother smiling with her happy kids in her home on her couch. She is feeling good and at peace after therapy at Marble Wellness in Chicago. She saw a therapist for overwhelm being a working mother.

If you’re a working mom who lives in or near Chicago, and you want to experience these benefits for yourself, please reach out to us at Marble Wellness. We work with a lot of busy moms, and we are here to help you find balance and joy.

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