Cara Peroutka,

Master's Level Therapist

Therapist in St. Louis, MO


Counseling for

Kids and Teens

Life is full of journeys and adventures.. while these can enrich our lives it can also be exhausting and challenging.


Sometimes individuals need unconditional support to face things in life, being that unconditional support is my passion. To meet you right where you are and walk with you through life’s ride which can sometimes feel like a roller coaster.

Hi, I’m Cara! I have spent over 20 years working with children, moms and families and enjoying every minute of it! I have been blessed to work with children from birth to adolescence in a variety of different settings including school and residential treatment settings.

I have worked in the community health field and
have experience in both individual and group therapy.


I have had the privilege of facilitating support groups for moms of all ages and have learned that everyone views the world in their own unique way based on their own unique life experiences. I think it is important to honor the light in each person and take the time to learn how others view the world and how this shapes the unique person they are!

Cara Peroutka, STL Therapist

I love everything about the therapy process.

The start of a new positive connection, the exploration of learning about someone else and their interactions in the world, and then finding resolution and closure which produces a feeling of accomplishment.


The therapeutic relationship is such an awesome experience, to know that someone understands what you are carrying and is giving support through it all.


Crisis, trauma, or just challenges in life can cause isolation and silent suffering for individuals. To be carrying something so heavy and yet no one else knows, a therapeutic relationship allows for that burden to be shared respectively with an empathetic understanding and positive regard which promotes processing and healing.


I think there is something so beautiful about genuineness and authenticity, literally just being real and in the here and now with others so that they know they are not alone.


Education & Experience:

Undergrad…B.A. Psychology from University of Missouri-St. Louis
Master’s…M.A. Counseling-Human Development from Saint Louis University


About me:

I absolutely love to paddle, either a kayak or paddleboard, just being on the water does my soul good! I also love to practice yoga ( especially outside!) read, bike, hike, camp and be outdoors and just hang with my crazy little family!


I don’t have a true bucket list, I have a list of my happy places I love to go and by
far right now my happiest place is a little town called Silver Lake, Michigan. Dunes, lake life and family, everything I need.

I can't wait to get started with you!

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Cara is part of our Maternal Mental Health team, and has training and experience in therapy for moms. She also uses play therapy approaches in counseling with kids and also loves teen therapy.


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