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Tips To Help Moms Maintain Their Mental Health In Spring

Updated: Apr 6

The winter holidays seem like the most stressful times for parents. There are presents to buy and family to visit. The house needs to be cleaned and baking needs to be done, all while you give the impression that you’re spending all your time being cozy with your family. This is enough to wipe any mom out.

Spring brings just as much chaos though, and sometimes for longer. Routines change, days get longer, and calendars get fuller. This is a stressful time for moms who are managing these stressors for both themselves and their kids. Being aware of the present stresses that show up during spring, and having some tips in your toolbox will help you navigate the changing of the seasons and stay healthy and happy. It will help you maintain your mental health as a mom.

A busy mother juggling kids and a stroller while trying to get her child to baseball practice. The mother seems overwhelmed and needs help navigating her busy life. Marble Wellness offers therapy to St. Louis moms for maternal mental health, postpartum depression, anxiety and much more. Marble Wellness can help mothers to feel like themselves again.

Tip 1: Keep the calendar manageable

Spring comes with the promise of a lot of new activities. School sports begin, outdoor activities pick up, and schools swing into high gear to finish the last fundraisers and class events. All of this can be overwhelming for moms. Nothing has fallen off your plate but you’re suddenly expected to take on a bunch of extra work.

The key to managing this is to remember that you don’t need to do it all. It’s so hard to say no to activities; you want to be involved and you don’t want to deny your kids opportunities. But if you take on too much, you won’t do your family or yourself any favors. So you should write out all your commitments to get a realistic picture of what you’re trying to get done. If you get tired from just reading the list, it might be time to drop some things.

One way to do this is to divide your to-dos into three different categories. There are things you must get done, things you should get done, and things you can get done. Be honest with yourself about what’s actually urgent, and remember that this

A mother and her two kids enjoying a spring day. The mother needs Marble Wellness to help her cope with maternal overwhelm. Marble Wellness is located in St. Louis Mo 63031 and offers therapy for maternal mental health, anxiety, depression, postpartum and more.

list should include activities that keep you sane. Ranking your lists will help you feel less overwhelmed ( here is previous blog on maternal overwhelm ) and teach you to prioritize rather than just trying to do every warm-weather activity that comes along. You can even ask the rest of the family to write up their own lists so you can coordinate. It’s never too early to teach everyone to prioritize.

Tip 2: Find a routine that actually works

Spring disrupts a lot of normal routines. School is about to end, the days are longer, and those activities we just talked about are cluttering up the calendar. Suddenly it’s still sunny at bedtime, and the kids are home at odd hours. This can leave you feeling disorganized and frazzled.

The routine you used during the winter might not work anymore. And that's okay. You can't force a square peg into a round hole. Work hard to create a new routine that fits the season. The best routine isn't the one you've always had, it's the one that works right now. Don't be afraid to experiment when you can, and try to let yourself do what works when it feels right.

Tip 3: Multitask for mindfulness

It’s important to take time for yourself. This gets hard with all the changes that come with spring, and you might not have time to just disappear into the woods for two hours for a walk. So try to work mindfulness activities in where you can. Marble Wellness offers Walk and Talk Park Therapy which is a wonderful opportunity for mothers to get outside for fresh air during a therapy session. ( 5 Surprising Benefits of Walking Therapy from an STL Therapist).

If you’re one of those people who feels the need to get a garden going every spring, use that as a chance for you-time. Instead of worrying if your flowers look as good as the neighbors’, use your gardening time to enjoy the quiet, take deep breaths, and spend some time taking care of the landscaping in your head.

A mother taking time to slow down and so something she loves. The mother is spending time outdoors and enjoying the little things. Marble Wellness can help you to feel like you again. Motherhood is overwhelming and Marble Wellness in St. Louis, Mo 63021 has a lot to offer mothers and parents.

The key to getting through spring while taking care of yourself and your family is balance. Keep your calendar manageable, figure out what changes your family needs to make to function, and let your outdoor time be a refreshment rather than a chore, and the season change can be a time of growth and peace.

Starting Therapy for Maternal Mental Health in Ballwin, Mo

It’s also important to remember that you’re not alone if you’re struggling during this season. And you don’t have to deal with it by yourself. Reach out to your community; your support system should be there to help you. Just because it’s spring, you don’t have to pretend to be happy. And if you need more help you should connect with a professional. At Marble Wellness we can connect you with a therapist who will support you while you navigate your mental health challenges throughout the year. Moms are one of our specialties! You deserve to feel good, and we want to help.

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