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Four Surprising Benefits Of Online Counseling For Women In Missouri

Updated: Mar 31

A woman on her computer doing virtual online therapy with her therapist. She is comfortable in her own home, on her couch, drinking tea. Marble Wellness offers Online Therapy for Men and Women in Missouri.

Online Counseling Gives Women In Missouri Scheduling Flexibility

Online counseling is designed to fit into a busy schedule. Moms juggling multiple schedules can pick appointment times that are convenient for them, without worrying whether they have childcare or if they can get home from a parent teacher conference in time to drive to the therapist’s office. Women who work multiple jobs don’t have to run to a third location during the day; they can continue to rest at home during their free time while also taking care of their mental health. Therapy’s so often limited by people’s schedules, or their distance from the therapy office, or when they’re able to leave the house. But online therapy cuts out most of those restrictions and leaves much more freedom to choose. Now the only limit is the therapist’s hours, but the rest of the boundaries disappear. You can schedule an appointment when it will be the most beneficial and least stressful. And this is a fabulous benefit since therapy should be helping you reduce your stress, not adding to it.

Women Can Have Counseling Anywhere In Missouri

When you think about therapy you probably think about sitting on a cold leather couch across from your therapist, possibly with some potted plants and a box of tissues next to you. But online therapy lets you pick the location that’s most relaxing and healing for you. If you want to be in your favorite armchair at home, great. If the yoga mat sounds like the right place to explore your inner self, fantastic!

A women sitting in her yard enjoying a beautiful day, relaxed while she talks to her therapist online. Marble Wellness offers Online Therapy for women in Missouri.

At Marble Wellness we offer park therapy, where we take our clients outside to walk or sit during their session so they can enjoy the benefits of nature. In the past people who couldn’t make it to our office missed out on this awesome part of our services. But now women anywhere in Missouri can enjoy the great outdoors during therapy no matter where they are. Take a walk, sit by a pond, or climb a tree. If there’s decent reception, you can do online therapy.

Women Can Have More Privacy During Online Therapy

Confidentiality is super important. When you come into the office you can be sure that whatever you say stays between you and your therapist. But in-person therapy still makes complete privacy a little tricky. People sometimes run into others they know in the waiting room. You might be nervous about whether people can hear you through the door. And when a commute gets involved it’s something you have to explain.

A woman sitting crossed legged comfortably in her own home doing online therapy by her favorite window. Marble Wellness offers Online Therapy for women in Missouri.

In online therapy you don’t have to explain any driving. You know that if you’ve found yourself a private spot, no one can hear anything you say. And you won’t run into acquaintances or strangers in a waiting room because you pick the waiting room.

Marble Wellness takes your privacy super seriously, and your confidentiality will never be at risk in our offices. But online counseling helps increase those feelings of security and safety for many people.

Women In Missouri Can Find The Specialist They Need

It’s tough to be limited by location. If someone wants to try a specific kind of therapy, and no one practices it near them, there’s not much they can do. But online therapy opens up their options to anyone licensed in the state. So a woman living anywhere in Missouri can, for example, make an appointment with Marble Wellness and get access to our fantastic team of therapists even if she lives way out of town.

This is great if you live far away from major city centers and don’t have access to many choices. People who don’t like to drive or can’t drive also benefit because they don’t have to rely on rides or public transportation to get to therapy. Anywhere in Missouri is fair game if someone wants to try online therapy.

A map of USA but the state of MO is highlighted pink to stand out. Marble Wellness can offer online therapy to women anywhere in the state of MO.

The kind of therapy that works best for a person depends on a lot of factors. But women who want to experience the benefits of therapy from the comfort of their own home should give this method a try. It provides flexibility, security, and opens up lots of specialty options. If you’re a woman living anywhere in the state of Missouri, we would love to work with you at Marble Wellness. We are located in St. Louis, but thanks to the wide reach of online therapy we can help you even at a distance.

A happy woman seeming content in her own home after her online counseling session with her therapist at Marble Wellness.

Please reach out and schedule an appointment with us! If you’d like to know more about our online therapy program and how we practice, we are here to chat!

Counseling Services in Missouri for Women

Here at Marble Wellness, we want you to feel your absolute best. If you find yourself having trouble getting over the guilt, or struggling to navigate life as a wife or mom, you can also reach out to a therapist. Helping yourself will help your family. If you live in the St. Louis Metro area, you can reach out to us at Marble Wellness. We specialize in maternal mental health, and we would love to help you find the happiness and health you deserve. Marble Wellness offers online therapy for women who are located anywhere in Missouri.

Marble Wellness is a mental health practice offering in person or online counseling for women, men, kids, teens and couples. Marble Wellness can see clients from anywhere in MO through virtual therapy.

Additional Counseling Services at Marble Wellness

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