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5 Tips for Busy Men Struggling with Mental Health in St. Louis

Updated: Mar 13

Okay, so let’s get the low hanging fruit out of the way. Take a walk in Forest Park in St. Louis, go to the gym, read a book, listen to a podcast, reach out to an old friend, have a date night, grab a coffee, take a nap, get some sun. Right?

Err, right….

But alas: if *only* it were that easy.

Father and son fishing. Marble Wellness has therapy for men in St. Louis and also does counseling for men in Chicago, IL. Reach out today to start your therapy journey!

If it were, managing your mental health as a busy man in St. Louis would be so much, well, easier.

Mental health management takes more effort than that. Of course it does! Most important things do.

But more effort doesn’t necessarily mean more complicated.

Which is the good news---when you’re a busy guy---strapped for time; feeling overcommitted as it is; up to your eyeballs in obligations (professional!; familial!: friends!; romantic relationships!)….time issues are part of what is contributing to the feelings of:

· Irritability;

· stress;

· low mood;

· poor focus;

· negative thought patterns.

There are other things contributing, too. It’s not all about time. Some of those factors that might be contributing to some mental health struggles could be:

· financial concerns, especially if you are the primary provider for your family

· thwarted professional ambitions or lack of fulfilment at work

· comparison traps around coworkers; neighbors; friends

· aging parents and feeling unsure about managing those next steps

· tension with your partner around household management + parenting

· your own physical health or appearance (women and moms aren’t the only one who struggle with body image!)

· Etc!

So, the effort around increased mental health management comes down to:

· more intention;

· a slight increase in time commitment to those activities;

· a willingness to prioritize these habits;

· openness to adding some new routines or activities to your weekly life

Let’s circle back to those opening activities that seemed to be floated out there a bit tongue-in-cheek but actually can be the formula for success in feeling less overwhelmed, more capable, happier, and more fulfilled in the life you already lead.

Implementing these 5 tips for men's mental health could help you lead a life that just feels, well....better.

Tip #1 for Men's Mental Health in St. Louis


First of all: do you still have them? (Hint: the answer is yes, but the older we get, the more we have a tendency to lose touch with the leisure activities that previously brought us joy. For example, maybe a decade or two ago, you easily hunkered down with a good book or found yourself excited to hit Home Depot, the mall, or another errand destination. This is probably because you stopped and got a good coffee on the way, or made a quick pick-up at a favorite food joint for a snack that makes you salivate every time you think of it. You knew how to pair responsibilities with rewards in a way that was positively reinforcing and made the small moments contain bits of joy.)

So, what are those interests now or what are those old interests you can rekindle? Importantly as you consider this:

-bring intention to those activities. As you do them, really put your presence (mental, physical, emotional) into them. This often means

· Putting down the phone

· Slowing down, even just a little

· Bringing more awareness (aka presence) to doing “the thing”

As you consider where you can increase “interests” in your life, let me remind you: you don’t necessarily have to reinvent the wheel! You can consider some things you already do and perhaps could build on it, by building out an activity before or after (eg, the errand example above—where you also paired a “treat” with it), OR again, by bringing intention to it.

Let’s do this using an actual example: Reading

We’ll start with how you even START something to read.

Do you value instant access? Get a Kindle or Amazon Fire and download at your pleasure! Your local library has a plethora of titles handy all the time, Amazon Prime often has their own free titles or deals of the day, or of course you can pay for a book you’ve been craving!

Is it cooler to you to feel an actual book? Check out Subterranean Books in the Loop and Left Bank Books in the Central West End. Soak it in while you are there. Smell it. Go through the aisles slowly. Unwind. Enjoy.

Man reading. Therapy for men in St. Louis will help you find, and make time for, your interests and leisure activities. Men's mental health is one of our specialties!

Then, make sure that you set aside enough time to lose yourself in the book. Set your phone aside and put it on silent. Grab a coffee or cup of tea or snack. Hunker down in a favorite reading spot. Take a deep breath. ENJOYYYY!

Pro tip: Apply the above process to your other hobbies and interests. Here’s the process: think about what brings you joy; pursue it; relax into it; be intentional about it.

Tip #2 for Men's Mental Health in St. Louis

Physical Activity:

We lead increasingly sedentary lives. That’s not all on you. It’s the world we live in. But how can you break the tendency to always be sitting down? Moving our bodies can directly impact how we are feeling; the content of our thoughts; and so much else!

Physical activity doesn’t have to equate to a CrossFit gym; playing an intermural sport; training for a marathon; or anything else that sounds like a major turn off.

It *does* have to require some exertion, and some discipline to make it a habit, but that’s