5 Tips for Busy Men Struggling with Mental Health in St. Louis

Okay, so let’s get the low hanging fruit out of the way. Take a walk in Forest Park in St. Louis, go to the gym, read a book, listen to a podcast, reach out to an old friend, have a date night, grab a coffee, take a nap, get some sun. Right?

Err, right….

But alas: if *only* it were that easy.

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If it were, managing your mental health as a busy man in St. Louis would be so much, well, easier.

Mental health management takes more effort than that. Of course it does! Most important things do.

But more effort doesn’t necessarily mean more complicated.

Which is the good news---when you’re a busy guy---strapped for time; feeling overcommitted as it is; up to your eyeballs in obligations (professional!; familial!: friends!; romantic relationships!)….time issues are part of what is contributing to the feelings of:

· Irritability;

· stress;

· low mood;

· poor focus;

· negative thought patterns.

There are other things contributing, too. It’s not all about time. Some of those factors that might be contributing to some mental health struggles could be:

· financial concerns, especially if you are the primary provider for your family

· thwarted professional ambitions or lack of fulfilment at work

· comparison traps around coworkers; neighbors; friends

· aging parents and feeling unsure about managing those next steps

· tension with your partner around household management + parenting

· your own physical health or appearance (women and moms aren’t the only one who struggle with body image!)

· Etc!

So, the effort around increased mental health management comes down to:

· more intention;

· a slight increase in time commitment to those activities;

· a willingness to prioritize these habits;

· openness to adding some new routines or activities to your weekly life

Let’s circle back to those opening activities that seemed to be floated out there a bit tongue-in-cheek but actually can be the formula for success in feeling less overwhelmed, more capable, happier, and more fulfilled in the life you already lead.

Implementing these 5 tips for men's mental health could help you lead a life that just feels, well....better.