Michael Salinas, M.A., PLPC

Therapist in St. Louis, MO



You’re struggling to understand yourself. You’re unsure how to handle your emotions. You want to  connect more with others and find ways to communicate more effectively. You want your relationships to  flourish. Most importantly, you want to figure out how to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. 

I believe you’ve come to the right place to address and attend to all of the above. 

I would love to partner with you in therapy to help you get to exactly where you want to be, because I  believe true, lasting change is possible. Change of perspective, change of direction, and change of  understanding.  

Experience has taught me that one of the most profound and meaningful paths to achieve this is through  the connection between client and therapist. The relationship between me and you. When it is really at its  best, it should feel supportive and dynamic, in order to help you reach your goals….to get you to that  meaningful place. 

In my therapy work, I use a combination of humanistic, psychodynamic, person-centered, and  mindfulness-based therapy techniques. These are a variety of tools and approaches which I’ve acquired  from my years of training and my professional experience in order to partner with you in a way that is  unique, while still based in all the good stuff from research and evidence-based practices. 


To break it down further, I bring to the counseling room acceptance, curiosity, creativity, and flexibility.  This is to help us create a space for the kind of understanding and awareness that can lead to growth and  renewal. The kind of understanding that helps us get to your vulnerabilities and closed-off parts of  yourself….all while feeling trust, support, and safety in our relationship with one another. 

I have specialty experience working with: 

     -couples & relationship issues

     -anxiety and depression

     -trauma history 

     -LGBTQ issues 

     -parenting and child development 

I find it a privilege to engage with my clients and to take part in a collaborative process. I look forward to  starting our work together and getting you set on a path of living a fulfilling and meaningful life. 

A little more about me: 

I am a provisionally licensed therapist, with an M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Webster  University. I have a background in the creative and performing arts and have lived in New Orleans,  Chicago and New York City. I feel very much at home in the natural world and am always up for a hike. I  enjoy cooking, reading and making things with my hands. 

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