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Ellie Detmer, Master's Level Therapist

Therapist in St. Louis, MO


Counseling for Teens

You feel your emotions and thought processes have been constantly conflicting. You're feeling a sense of detachment. You’re not sure how to find peace in moments of overwhelming sensations.


Or, you feel your parent-child relationship is not as strong as it could be or once was. You want to find consistency in the way you approach your child’s internal and external struggles.


Maybe your child wants to feel they have an emotionally safe space to process their thoughts and feelings. 

The overall goal for you is to find solutions to concerns that are causing an imbalance in your life. 

Hi, I’m Ellie and I’m a Provisionally Licensed Counselor and a Certified School Counselor. I can see clients in both Missouri and Illinois!


Whether you're a child or a teen dealing with school-related stressors, a parent seeking tools to help your child thrive in all aspects of their life, or an adult wanting to discover techniques to cope with past or current adversities, I would be honored to be a part of your healing process and help you find fulfillment. 

I believe the first step in this journey is finding the courage to want to make positive changes for your wellbeing. This collectively leads to finding someone you can trust with your most vulnerable moments. The client-counselor relationship is one of the most important pieces of the therapy journey. I want you to feel welcomed, embraced, heard, and supported. 


To achieve this, I use a humanistic, person-centered, psychoeducational, and solution-focused therapy approach. The process may be intimidating, so my goal is to make you feel comforted and valued when you walk into your first session. Throughout our sessions, I want to help you:

  • build on your confidence

  • be open to challenging unwanted habits

  • increase positive self-talk

  • and learn ways to utilize your strengths to overcome obstacles


I want you to feel that what you're doing and who you are matters. 

You shouldn’t have to feel like your life is an unsteady roller coaster waiting for the plummet.


I would love to get the chance to help you feel you can be present, enjoy the ride, and soak in all of the things your life has to offer. I feel everyone deserves a chance to find their happiness and stability. To find what you have control over and find empowerment in the choices you make. I want to be your change agent but let you take the lead. This is your journey, your life, and you are capable of so much!

Education and Experience: 

I received my Bachelor’s in Psychology from Southeast Missouri State University - Cape Girardeau in 2018. I received my Master’s of Counseling in School and Professional Counseling from Lindenwood University- St. Charles. After graduating I received my School Counselor Certification in Missouri and Illinois.


I have experience working with children, teens, families, and adults in an expansive range of settings. I have worked with community-based counseling, youth in care management, and school and office-based settings. 


I have over 4 years of experience working with children, adolescents, families, and adults. I have expertise with clients managing symptoms of anxiety, depression, and adjustment concerns relating to trauma. With my certification in school counseling, I have been able to diversify myself through a variety of populations. I have worked with students 5-18 years old, have knowledge of IEP and 504 plans, and have helped students learn techniques to aid in emotional regulation and conflict resolution. 

I provide in-person, virtual, and walk and talk sessions in the park. Please take a look at our website and call to schedule an appointment today. I look forward to joining you on your mental wellness journey!


About me: 

I am from a small town in Illinois and have recently moved to Missouri. I enjoy spending time with my family and my two dogs. I utilize self-care by engaging in multiple exercise activities, cooking, hiking, painting, and traveling. I am always open to trying new things and making each adventure worthwhile.

Begin Counseling with STL Therapist, Ellie Detmer

Now you know Angela! We are so excited for you to get started with her in our  Ballwin, MO counseling clinic, which can be the place you can begin to find progress. We can also chat via telehealth for online therapy in Missouri and online therapy in Illinois.  Truly, anywhere in the state! If you're a Chicago resident, we have in-person therapy available in Chicago, too! Taking this first step is a big deal, so you are already making great progress!  Just follow these simple steps and we will get started.


Reach out to Marble Wellness

Our Client & Project Coordinator will be your first point of contact. She'll get you set up with a good match for your on our team, and talk first appointment details.


Meet with STL Therapist, Ellie Detmer

Ellie is part of our team that works with children, adolescents, and teens! She also loves partnering with parents about how to improve their relationships with their kids. Ellie can also work with adults who want to work through anxiety, depression, or trauma.


Start to live happy and calm again

Whether it's in-person, online, or park therapy, you and your STL therapist, Ellie,  will work together to help you start to live the life you've been longing for.

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